Chairy Orchard (not a typo!)

When Kelly Sparks told me she wanted to shoot at a cherry orchard, I though 'oh, cool!'... sounds gorgeous, right? 

Well, I had NO IDEA how cool this place was! Basically, these 2 women lived next door to each other for over 30 years, with an empty lot between them, because it was on a flood grade and couldn't be built on. They raised kids, grandkids, and great grandkids together... turning the lot into a soccer field, bike ramps, and all kinds of fun things... then they started 'Chairy Orchard'. They nailed old chairs to the trees, and created seating areas throughout the space. It's magical! 

So, here we are, at the orchard. But this is a beauty blag, so lets get to the beauty! For Anna's look, we used all Kevyn Aucoin products for her complexion. 

Primed Skin Developer

Sensual Skin Enhancer 



All available through the link at 

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