The Makeup Show New York 2017

My 2nd time to New York this year, and my FAVORITE show of the year! I love TMS, and their NY show seems to be very near to their heart, making it even more special for all of us working. Seeing James Vincent walk around and connect with everyone he sees, watching Michela Wariebi demo at Makeup Forever, and getting to meet artists who I've admired for YEARS walk around and shop (while creating my own shopping list) was just magical. Wanna know what I bought?

Danessa Myricks Colorfix... yes, more. You guys, I'm ADDICTED.

It Cosmetics CC Cream. I was SO excited to see them there! Pretty sure it was their first show, and they were right next to us, so I got to chit chat with Drew, their amazing PR dude.

My new The Makeup Light accessories! One of the things I love about TMS is the ability to see and touch the things you've been coveting online. These accessories are amazing, but I needed to really HOLD them in my hand to determine if I needed them. I did. The gooseneck, the clamp, the bag. All the things.


Again, and amazing show with the Smith Squad. If you're ever at a trade show and see the booth, please stop and chat, we honestly love meeting everyone!


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