The Makeup Show Dallas 2017

It's nearly that time again! For the 4th year running, I'll be working The Makeup Show Dallas! This year, I'll be with the brand I've been traveling with all year, and am happy to call my 'Squad'... Smith Cosmetics! If you haven't checked them out, please come by and say hello... you can find us at booth c6, right next to our buddies, Camera Ready Cosmetics! We'll be the ones dancing, singing along to Prince, and generally having lots of fun.


So here's what I can't wait to see:
Saturday 10:30 to noon our friend Renny Vasquez will have a keynote on 'Making it in Makeup'. He such a motivational speaker, and truly kills it on stage, don't miss it!

Sunday 2:30 to 4, Danessa Myricks! Since I have been to nearly every TMS this year, I have seen this lovely lady on stage a few times, and I can't get enough! An amazing artist, a captivating speaker and a brilliant educator, Danessa is one you can't afford to miss. 


There's so much girling over artists as they roam about (one year I met Ve Neil, omg), new stuff that's coming to market, old faves and new discoveries. Not to mention, you won't see a 2 hour line because of some YouTube guru. This is a PRO event, which I really love.


 I cannot wait. Literally, can not.

See you there!

Sashay, Chantee


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