Boudoir Client

If you know me, you know I LOVE a red head beauty! This boudoir makeup client wasn't much of a makeup wearer normally so we kept it sultry and minimal with emphasis on the lash line and cheeks! I have her a beautiful glow with my new Jouer Rose Gold highlighter... I LOVE it! Even for those who don/t wear much makeup, shading and creating dimension are essential for photography, especially for boudoir. To avoid it looking cheap and cheesy, I pay special attention to blending and making soft lines. A peachy lip is almost always flattering on nearly all skin tones. You won’t often find me creating looks using harsh black liner, or striped contour… we want you to look like YOU, only a celebrity version of you J

There are times when a client for Headshots or boudoir makeup (someone who isn’t used to being in front of the camera) will be taken aback by how much makeup they are wearing. Unlike bridal makeup, no one is going to see you outside of controlled lighting. What this means is that I can manipulate the light with makeup, create shadows and highlights to bring attention to your best features without it appearing overly made up on camera… yay! Also, keep in mind that 30% of the makeup you see will disappear on camera, in general. Of course there are exceptions to this, but trust me… I’m a professional, and there is a reason you or your photographer has hired me!

Thank you to Paskey Boudoir for always allowing me to makeup you Dallas clients beautiful and confident! 


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Trust me when I say you will NOT regret the experience! Did I mention that she has a FULL closet oflingerie and shoes for you?