Kim Dawson Kids shoot

Claire is such a natural! She’s an actress with Kim Dawson and there is no doubt that this lady is going somewhere, such a cute little personality.

Stacey Jemison is a photographer I have worked with before and was dying to shoot with again, so when she asked me to do Claire’s hair and makeup for this fun shoot I was thrilled. We did some really cute looks, mixing boyish styles with her wild red hair and a sporty colorful wardrobe.

It was important to me to keep Claire looking young and fresh, and not older than she is. Besides, look at that hair and skin, not much needed, right?

I used Glossier skin prep, Cloud Paint in Dusk (a gel blush), Boy Brow (a brow pomade in a mascara like tube) and Generation G (a sheer lip color) in the shade Crush. Glossier is the perfect brand for stuff like this. Youthful and skin focused with a pop of color.

To do this look at home, some brow gel, tinted moisturizer and a lip stain are great items for every tween girl. When I do classes for this age group I mainly focus on skin care, brow maintenance (DON’T TOUCH THEM) and playing with fun lip colors when you want to branch out. I love the idea of teaching young girls that makeup should e FUN. If you feel overwhelmed or like you HAVE to wear it, something is wrong. If you’re using it as a mask, I can help you find a skin care regime that will be so much better in the long run. Makeup should never feel like a chore.


To book a class for yourself or your tween/teen, email me or text me at the number on my front page. I do private and group classes! 

kim dawson kids