The Makeup Show Dallas

So, The Make Up Show Dallas is around the corner and i'm a little jazzed.  Ok, I'm a lot jazzed.  Last year was so great and this year is going to be even if only it wasn't over a HUGE wedding weekend that will decimate my ability to see ALL THE THINGS over 2 days! *sigh* I'll do what I can.


So here's what I can't wait to see:
Orlando Santiago's Color Theory class on Sunday 6/14.  I've followed Orlando forever and who can't use a refresher on the basics of make up! Whether you've been doing this forever or are just getting started as a make up artist, go & sit a spell. There is literally NO ONE in this business who can't benefit from Color Theory and/or Orlando.  ( 

The Frends Booth and especially Matt Frends.  I will admit to being partial since I worked for them last year and will be back for another round this year, but these guys are really pretty awesome and have some amazing deals on killer stuff. Stilazzi, Viseart, Veil...all the things.  Stop by and bask in the glory which is Matt and in the equally as fabulous glory of my Mathu Andersen tattoo which which will (later that day) be expertly covered by Trason for Bdellium Tools at 10:45 Sunday. 

Brian Sutherby and the MUSE Beauty Pro crew!  These people.  Seriously the most carefully curated collection of cosmetic must-haves in the business.  He's responsible for Shannon Caldwell's downsizing transformation from the Godfather+suitcase+set bag to the Japonesque Cabinet.  (Anyone who knows her "Girl Scout Mary Poppins" mentality will appreciate the small miracle that occured.) They're also the home of all things Kett which makes me SOOOO happy.  To round the whole situation out, they are the creators of ESUM Brushes which are LITERALLY the last set of brushes you'll ever own due to astounding quality and general overall fluffy awesomeness.


Another 'must do'? The job fair! Yes, networking is abundant on it's own, but where else where you find a concentration of hiring manager from lines like:


NYX Cosmetics

For $10 on Saturday (open to TMS ticket holders only) from 4:30 to 6, meet and greet and show dem skills, guys and gals! 


There's so much more...fangirling over artists as they roam about (last year I met Ve Neil, omg), poor fashion choices and interesting make up decisions, new stuff that's coming to market, old faves and new discoveries. Not to mention, you won't see a 2 hour line because of some YouTube guru. This is a PRO event, which I really love.


 I cannot wait. Literally, can not.

See you there!

Sashay, Chantee

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