Oil Cleansing for Dummies

You're no dummy! You've come for help, I'm here to give it.


So I recently reposted an article on my facebook page about oil cleansing. The post got a LOT of attention, and lots of friends were asking what oils I recommend. The answer is a little complex. There are a TON of oils out there, and they don't have to be the fancy emulsifying oils (though I LOVE them, and use one myself), you can use simple, natural oils as well!


One sentiment that was repeated a number of times was "I had no idea oil could help with acne/oily skin!". Yes, yes it can, and here is why. Like dissolves like. That's science, y'all. If you want to really break down the oils, you add oil TO it. THis is why oil cleansing gets your skin clean. Not 'squeeky clean' (yuck), not dried out clean, and not stripped. The gross goes away, the natural moisture of your skin stays put. 


If you have oily skin, or acne like I did, you have likely been stripping your skin with harsh products for your entire adult life. You've been told to 'proactive' and 'scrub' and essentailly you have been dehydrating your skin. And it's mad at you. You have tortured it and it is MAD. So, here's how we fix things.


You have oily skin:


The emulsifying oil:

DHC cleansing oil. It's incredible and dissolves EVERYTHING. Waterproof mascara, cream blushes, dark lipstick... everything. You basically pump a bit out onto your hand, and massage into your dry skin for a few minutes. Once you add water to rinse, it turns into a milky consistancy and washes off completely, NO oily residue. 


The natural oil

 Jojoba oil is the holy grail for acne prone skin. I read on the interwebs (so it's true), that because jojoba oil is so similar to human skin oil, it can "trick" the skin into thinking it has produced enough oil and thus balance oil production. No I don't know that to be a fact, but I can tell you that I have been using it for a few months now, and have seen a DRAMATIC improvement to my skin tone, as well as oil production. 


To wash my face with this, I massage it into dry skin, then I get a washcloth wet, with the water as hot as I can stand it, and let it sit on my face until it cools (about 45-60 seconds), then wipe the oil away. It works. GO do it.



For dryer skin, or skin with no acne issues, coconut oil works great. used in the same way as the jojoba oil, its moisturizing and is a natural antibiotic. I keep several tubs around the house for different uses, but the one in my vanity only goes on my body, since it will clog the heck out of my pores.


For a blend to buy, I would suggest Whiphand Cosmetics, Strike it Rich. Not only is the cleanser amazing, but the company is one of my favorite indie brands out there. I've blogged about their primer before, I just love them. From the website: 

A deep-cleansing face oil that gently dissolves away makeup traces, dirt, impurities and excess oil, all while maintaining your skin’s natural moisture levels. Naturally rich in vitamin E, essential fatty acids and enzymes from rice bran oil, STRIKE IT RICH Deep Cleansing Face Oil™ leaves your skin soft and supple, without ever being greasy.

Other options to try are grapeseed or almond oil. Play around a bit, find what works for YOU. When you do, try adding a few drops of essential (non fatty) oil to the mix. I love Frankincense, for it's healing properties, or tea tree for clearing up a breakout. 

Next blog post, treatment oils! (hint: Clarins Lotus oil is my FAVORITE)


*I am NOT an esthetician, this is what works for me. Do not use if you have allergies to these oils. I cannot be held responsible for oil in your eyes. 

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