Meet Cory Bishop

It's always encouraging to me to see a spirit of deep respect and cooperation within our industry.  With the advent of "fast fashion" so, too, has come the instant celebrity that comes not with talent and hard work but social media savvy and "right time/right place" style luck in make up artists. Last year I had the opportunity to work alongside several industry bad-asses and was humbled not only by their talent but also by their humbleness and encouragement. Corey Bishop is one of those industry bad-asses.


So, in another installment of "People I'm Jazzed to See at TMS DFW 15" I've managed to wrangle a little of Mr. Bishop's time to see what he's been up to. It's been a BUSY year for this dude, to say the least. If it seems short, it's because he's constantly on-the-fly and he's all about quality, not quantity.  Since our last encounter in September 2014 (at TMS DFW 14) he has continued his trajectory into not just the "working artist" stratosphere, but the "brand building" one as well. Keep your eye peeled for him, because he's rising fast!


Let's get right into it... last time I saw you, you were with Gorgeous Cosmetics. You're now with the amazing Anastasia Beverly Hills. What prompted the change?


CB: Who would pass up an opportunity to work with an expert and mentor such as Anastasia Soare?  I left Gorgeous Cosmetics to get back to my freelancing and editorial career and 3 months out I was approached by Anastasia and Claudia at a tradeshow her in LA and presented me with this amazing opportunity.


Good point! Right place, right time for both parties!

Personally I love that ABH is a family run company, her daughter, Claudia, seems to have a lot of input as well as impact on social media. Do you feel that family atmosphere as an employee? 


CB: I love it here.  Everyone is so welcoming.  They do a great job to include everyone here. 


So glad to hear that they are every bit as warm as they seem!


Anastasia is known for her celebrity brow clients, Has she done your brows yet?

CB: She has not.  Most people she meets the first thing she does is sit them down and fix their brows.  I’ll take that as a compliment :)


As you should! I think that might have been the first thing I noticed about you too (Not really, the muscles got me first!)

Have you had any eyebrow 'ah-ha' moments since becoming part of the ABH team? 


CB: Every time I get to watch Anastasia work I have to use my hand to close my jaw because she continues to blows my mind.  As an artist I have always understood the importance of brows but Anastasia has unlocked the mathematical equation to perfect proportioned brows. Hence her patented stencils. Brows are not just filled in,  they are filled, defined, textured and perfected.  They are life changing. 


So true... I have such sparse brows naturally, I get severe brow envy when I see a great set!


While ABH is known for brows, contouring is a close 2nd! It seems like everyone is clamoring to get their hands on the contour kit. Everyone wants that slimming effect, the defined cheekbones... tell me what is great about these kits in particular? Will your demo at The Makeup Show include them?  
CB: We have both cream and powder contour kits.  I will be teaching about both.  The part that sets these contour kits above all others are options.  Not every skin tone is created equally.  People have warm tone and cool tones.  These palettes have the option of cool highlighters and contours and warm highlighters and contours and the ability to mix them to create the perfect balance for your client and the lighting situation.


Last, what ABH products did you discover when you joined the team that have become staples for you in your kit?

CB: I have been using ABH products for over 10 years so I have always loved the brow powders, brow primer and brow gels.  Since I have started, I use on a regular basis on my clients the DIPBROW pomade to fill and style the brow. I love the Brow Wiz to detail the brows and create hair like strokes for texture in the brows.  The Pro Pencils and the Highlighting Duo Pencils are my new favorite after Anastasia has showed me the importance of the negative space of the brow.


There you have it, dear readers!  Talent, leadership and awesomeness in one (not to bad to look at) package.  Stop by Seminar room B on Saturday at 9:45 to watch him teach Architecture: Creating Symmetry and Balance With Brows and Contouring at The Makeup Show Dallas. It's going to be fabulous!

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