Have a client with a wild streak?

I understand, I'm the wild one! I have several tattoos that cover most of my exposed body, so I understand the need to cover up for certain occassions. Especially a wedding, where grandparents, or even parents are more traditional. I have been working on my tattoo covering skills for a while now, perfecting the look of natural skin, not just makeup caked on top of tattoo. Another important factor, especially during wedding season, is to make sure that the makeup won't transfer to the dress... this means waterproof EVERYTHING! 

For this practice session, I took on my giant Mathu Anderson tattoo. If you don't know who he is, you are missing out. Run, google, and get lost in his IG for hours. 


Now, I will say that if I were to do this on a client, I would have shaved their arm first. That's the only way to get a seamless look. 


I started by using the Skin Illustrator palette from Frends beauty. This is an alcohol activated palettte, that dries down completely waterproof. Like, it WILL NOT BUDGE until you take it off with an oil or alcohol based cleanser. I used traditional color theory to block out the tattoo. What this does is neutralize it, so that I can go over it with a color that matches my skin tone, and the tattoo will basically disappear. I airbrushed over that with my Temptu Dura (another alcohol base), in several thin sprays. 


On a client I might even add freckles, to add to the skin effect. 


So, if you or someone you know is getting married and needs tattoo cover for themselves or a bridesmaid, contact me! 





*all opinions are my own, I buy all of my own stuff unless noted. Frends did not give me this stuff for free, y'all, but I did get an awesome pro discount, and you can too! Even if you aren't a pro, sign up for their Frends with benefits program! 

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