Flawless skin for HD

So a few weeks ago I took a class taught by Emmy Award winning makeup artist, Kevin James Bennett. In the class, he showed us his kit... He does film, weddings, editorial and print, and his kit is HALF the size of artists I've seen who do bridal only. More isn't always better, guys. I know, it's totally addicting to grab the newest ALL THE THINGS, and every formula you might possibly need. But, if you know color theory, and you learn how to manipulate a full coverage, you really only need very little. 


We were applying makeup to our 'brides' in class (I got Erica Carr, lucky me, I was so nervous!), and I was using my comfortable RCMA palette, and Kevin walks over and hands me a Maq Pro palette (not to be confused with MAC). His exact words were: 'use this... it's way more difficult, and I know you aren't used to it, but I want to push you'. What the hell, dude? I'm already sweating, doing THE Erica Carr, and you want me to step out of my comfort zone NOW? Yes, yes he did.


So, it took me some time, but I got it done. And I became obsessed. The Maq Pro palettes are wax and pigment. That's it. No fillers, no gimmicks, no guessing. You learn to maipulate it with skin prep and make it do what you need. Need a sheer coverage? Sure, use their thinner on the skin first, then apply the product with your hands and buff with a brush. Need concealer strength coverage? No problem, apply without thinner to skin. 


What I love is that you aren't limited. You can use this as blush, lipstick, cream shadow... whatever. It works FOR you. I bought a light skin tone palette, and a corrector palette, and have used the crap out of both. 


Here are a few shoots that I did with them after I got over the slight learning curve

 I just love how it looks like SKIN, not makeup. You don't have to build up, layer by layer and risk cake face. The photographer of the top image noted that she loved that she didn't have to touch up her skin at all. Need to contour? Simply add a touch of gray to the models natural skin color to create a shadow effect. No orange mess (shadows have not been to the bahamas, they are do not have a tan).


I grabbed mine at Camera Ready Cosmetics. Mary is amazing, and the customer service there is stellar. Also, I hear that if you send Marissa donuts, she will make sure that you get in on their savings program... let me know if it works! 


If you want to give the products a try, I've linked them all above. If you have any questions, comment below!




*all reviews and statements are my own opinion, and I have not been compensated for them. Sometimes brands send me free stuff to try, and that's rad, but does not sway my opinion one way or the other.