Senior session

When I get the opportunity to make a gorgeous girl feel the way I see her, it makes my job so rewarding. When this lovely gal sat down for her senior portrait makeup she was very noticeably self conscious about her skin. I wish that I could tell every teen with acne that there is SO MUCH that you can do! Stop scrubbing, start moisturizing and treating the real issue. See an aesthetician, they can help immensely. 

For this particular job, I mixed It! Cosmetics 'Bye Bye Redness' and a little Set the Stage primer by Whiphand Cosmetics. I used that to even out the texture of the skin. I then airbrushed a silicone based foundation from Temptu, and as you can see, it worked beautifully. Whats more important is that she felt beautiful.


Other products used:

MUFE lip

Viseart Matte Neutrals

Senna Brow Book

Nars Blush

Chantee WillisComment